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School Closing Information

Sacred Heart Academy utilizes a school notification system that allows the school to send out audio and text messages to landline phones, cell phones, and e-mail addresses. The system will be used to notify of snow days, delayed openings, early dismissals, emergencies, and vital school information. All district & non-district transportation offices will receive the same notification.  Contact information will be pulled from PowerSchool. Please notify the Main Office if you have changed your home phone or cell phone number.

We will also continue to announce on local TV and radio stations school closings due to inclement weather or emergencies. THE ANNOUNCEMENT SHOULD INCLUDE THE NAME “BUFFALO ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART” OR “SACRED HEART ACADEMY.”  Since there are students from more than thirty school districts, SHA DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE WITH ANY PUBLIC OR DIOCESAN SCHOOL DISTRICT.

Please note that on our letter day schedule, we will pick up on the letter day that we missed due to the snow day, etc.