Clubs & Organizations

Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart encourages each girl to find her passion. For many, our clubs and organizations allow girls to explore new ideas and activities. These opportunities provide outstanding leadership experiences, as well as ways to build friendships with other girls who share similar interests. Clubs and activities at SHA are designed to foster social awareness and debate, develop talents and skills, and enhance our students’ commitment to others. 

Clubs include:

American Sign Language (ASL) Club provides SHA students with an introduction to sign language with a focus on building basic vocabulary, forming sentences, and developing conversational skills. Opportunities will be explored to use sign language to enhance special liturgies and other events at SHA.

Art Club is a group of students who create art and work on projects of their own choosing to enhance the Academy or the greater WNY community.
Asian Students In Alliance, A.S.I.A. is an affinity group specific to students of Asian descent at SHA. Throughout the year, our group will design presentations on topics affecting Asian Americans to share with our school community. A.S.I.A. is a free space for Asian students to share their experiences and opinions on these topics and provide solutions that benefit our school.
Be-YOU-tiful Club is designed to help create a more conscious, inclusive, and accepting environment for each other where we can work together as students to shed light on the importance of mental health issues and find ways to educate and support one another here in our community. All are welcome to this club that celebrates YOU and your uniqueness. Let's help make our SHA the best and most affirming SHA ever.
Book Club is a social club for girls that enjoy leisure reading. At the initial meeting there is a dynamic discussion of what genres are of interest to the individuals in the club and a book is selected. Following meetings involve discussion of the book and a new selection is made before adjourning. All meetings are led by club officers and book selections are made by the club members. Snacks are enjoyed by all.
Classics Club promotes the study of and appreciation for ancient Greece and Rome.  If you want to learn more about Latin, Greek, ancient Greek and Roman history and classical mythology, literature and art, this club is for you!
Computer Club teaches girls how to build websites, apps, games and more. Girls also learn computer languages such as HTML, Python, and Java to explore basic programming functions.
Connect Life Club seeks to raise awareness about the importance of blood and organ donation in order to give critically ill patients a new chance at leading healthy, productive lives. Students design an awareness campaign and help coordinate an annual blood drive.
Couch to 5K Club is a group that trains to run a 5K race in nine weeks. Couch to 5K is less of a running regimen than a walking and jogging program. The idea is to transform members from "couch potatoes" to runners capable of going 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) in just two months. Fall and spring sessions are offered.
Debate Club helps to build confidence, articulation and academic achievement. Students will practice research on key topics, how to develop effective, well-supported arguments and how to present those arguments.
DECA is a business club for students interested in marketing.  DECA helps to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, fiance, hospitality and management.

Diversity Club celebrates the colorful backgrounds and experiences of our school community and the world at large. Members actively work to make all feel accepted while breaking down stereotypes in order to create a positive environment for all.

DIY Club (Do It Yourself) makes various crafts found on Pinterest, mainly focusing on the holidays. Some of the projects are made for the club members, others for their families, and others for community organizations.

Drama Club is for those who desire to improve acting skills, build confidence, meet new people and have fun! We will work on basic acting and improvisational techniques through workshops, games and activities. No theatre background or experience necessary.

Environmental Club is a group of concerned students who are interested in taking action to help the environment. This group combines learning, service, and fun in monthly activities. The club is open to all classes and organizational meetings are held weekly.
Film Club explores our favorite movies and films on a deeper level to discuss and understand the hidden messages, meanings, camera angels, sounds, and the tiny details added in by the writers, production teams, and directors, and to understand how they affect the movie as a whole. The club’s goal is to think through films like a director would as opposed to an average viewer to recognize all of the tiny details that make movies and their stories so complex; and to also give members conversation topics to impress their parents with!
Glee Club is for students who love to sing and dance. Have you ever imagined yourself on the show "Glee?" If you want to show off your talent, sign up to try out for the Glee Club.
History Club explores our multi-faceted human history and also prepares students for participation in regional History Bowl/Geography Bee competitions. Students also participate in Model United Nations, in which we represent one nation to debate and propose solutions to many of today's important global issues.
H.O.S.A (Health Occupations Students of America) is a club for hardworking girls interested in careers in health sciences or medicine. It's like DECA, Science Olympiad or Mock Trial, but specifically for health.
Learn to Crochet Club is for beginners and experienced crafters.  Not only will you learn crocheting basics if you’re just starting out, but you will also get a chance to explore different projects and patterns with other members.  Plus, crocheting is a wonderful stress reliever! 

Literary Magazine is open to students who enjoy creative writing and artwork. Members work together to produce SHA’s literary magazine, Quoth The Raven.
Manifestation Club is for girls who are interested in goal setting, journaling and more! Member share goals, make dream boards and encourage each other along the way.
Mock Trial teaches the principles of case development and trial techniques. Members compete against other schools in mock trial tournaments. The SHA Mock Trial team is the 2019 Erie County and Regional Champions. Try-outs for Mock Trial are held each year.
Music Ministry is a group of SHA students who enjoy combining their faith with their love of music.  Students in this group help choose and perform music for the many Mass celebrations and prayer services throughout the year. 

National Honor Society is a select group of Juniors and Seniors who maintain a grade point average of 3.6 or higher and excel in leadership, service, as well as exemplary moral character. Members participate in activities that help improve the community.
Pathos Writing Club is a relaxed setting in which students learn to harness the power of emotion in their writing. If you want to learn how to make your writing speak to readers or just improve your writing skills, all are welcome to join us!
Rocket Club plans, builds, and flies rockets, using math and science skills. The club is part of the Team America Rocketry Challenge competition - the world's largest student rocket competition.  SHA has qualified for the Nationals, three out of the past four years.

Sacristans help to prepare for school religious services and participate in the SHA liturgies.

Science Olympiad Team prepares for regional, state, and national interscholastic competitions in science, engineering, and math events.

Service Club works to provide a service corps for the needs of our Western New York community. Participants in this club volunteer for various WNY non-profit organizations. Our goal is to help others while having fun and learning more about the community in which we live.
SHA Shouties are a group of students overflowing with school spirit who cheer on the school sports teams at competitions with rival schools. Shouties meet prior to selected games.
Ski Club offers a great outdoor winter activity for those students who enjoy the thrill of the slopes. Students ski at Holiday Valley on Friday evenings through the St. Joe’s Ski Club.
Socrates Club asks questions. Such as, would you rather rid the world of COVID but be the last person to suffer from it and die, or would you rather become very wealthy from a vaccine you stole credit for?   If this question interests you, join the Socrates Club.  During our meetings we will discuss philosophy.   We will ponder questions like “What is the meaning of life?” And “Would you choose to have kids knowing the world would end in 20 years?”
Spilled Ink is a club for people who appreciate a good story. We're the type of people who can't wait to tell our friends about our latest adventure, who get angry at movie-talkers because we don't want to miss a second, and who always wanted just one more bedtime story. During meetings, we will explore a variety of stories and media (including graphic novels, movies, and even music), and share our own stories with the group. We can even publish our own stories to our Schoology page! 
Stage Crew Club serves SHA’s technical needs for assemblies, Masses, the musical, the drama, and other presentations. Members will learn to use the sound and light equipment, help with set up, work backstage, paint sets, gather and make props, and other “behind the scenes” aspects of productions and presentations.
Student Council is the governance and leadership of the student body. Its members include the student council officers, class officers, and homeroom representatives. Student Council and class officers are elected each year in May. Homeroom representatives are elected in October. Members discuss and plan various events throughout the year, including Spirit Week.
The TORCH is the school's newspaper and is published as an online news site. Articles range from international, national, and local news to editorials, as well as features on SHA activities, fashion, movies, books, and sports.