Uniforms/Dress Code



Beginning the first full day of school, the school uniform is worn every day during regular school hours. The basic SHA uniform consists of a polo shirt, gray skirt or pants, shoes and socks.  Sweaters and sweatshirts may be added for warmth.  The uniform can be purchased through Lands’ End (polos, skirts and pants) School #900170333, SHA’s Shark Shop (polos and sweatshirts) or FlynnO’Hara (skirts, sweaters). The following is a list detailing allowable pieces:




Gray, no shorter than 3" above the knee. Can be purchased from Lands’ End or FlynnO’Hara.


Gray, purchased from Lands’ End, only.


Polo shirts with school logo in white, maroon or black. They may be worn tucked in or left untucked. Long and short- sleeved options are available. Polo shirts may not be layered. Plain white tee-shirts may be worn under polos, but they must be tucked in. Can be purchased from the Shark Shop , Lands’ End or FlynnO’Hara.


Crewneck, v-neck or cardigan school sweaters with the Sacred Heart logo in white, maroon or black. Can be purchased from FlynnO’Hara.


Sweatshirts (crewneck, ¼ zip or hoodies) with the official SHA emblem in maroon, white, black or gray may be worn. Hoods must be down at all times. They can be purchased from the Shark Shop or Flynn O’Hara. No class, club, Spirit Week or athletic team sweatshirts or jackets may be worn (except on Uniform Spirit Days). Black fleece zippered jackets and quarter-zip jackets, with the school emblem, from FlynnO’Hara, may also be worn. Please note: the Senior Class sweatshirt is the only exception to this rule (this is a Senior Class privilege).


Sneakers (not high tops), boat shoes, flats. No backless shoes/slippers/slides, high heels, sandals, flip-flops or boots may be worn. Crocs must have the sport strap.


Crew socks, knee socks or solid color tights (including footless) in black, maroon, white or gray must be worn at all times.  No-show or low-cut socks are not allowed. Socks may be worn over tights but the colors must match. Sweatpants, joggers, yoga pants, leggings with sheer inserts or pajama pants are NOT allowed.


Students will be issued (free of charge) one official SHA ID/nametag (on a class color lanyard) to be worn every day. No decorations, decals or writing may be added. Replacement nametags may be purchased in the main office for $2.00.



Uniforms are expected to be neat, clean, ironed, mended and properly fitted.  Uniforms will be checked daily in homeroom by faculty.  Violations will be submitted to the Coordinator of Discipline.  Detention will be given after a student’s third violation (including nametag violations) and every time after that.  Students who are missing a piece of the uniform or are wearing an item that is not in compliance, will be written up and loaned the necessary piece of clothing for the day. 


Piercings, Body Art & Hair Color/Styles

Visible body piercing, other than pierced ears, is not permitted.  No facial jewelry may be worn.  Hair colors must be natural.  Hair styles/cuts must be appropriate and professional.  Head wraps, except for religious reasons, may not be worn. No visible tattoos are allowed.


Non-Uniform Days

Students must be dressed appropriately and modestly for school. Clothing that is too short, too tight or in need of repair is not appropriate for school. No shoulder-less or strapless tops, tops with spaghetti straps, low V-necks or see-through shirts may be worn. Shoulders must have some coverage.  Tank tops must have straps 2” wide.  No bare midriffs or underwear are to be shown.  No low-slung pants, pants with writing across the backside or pajamas may be worn. Shorts are not permitted, except during June exams.  No slippers or footwear deemed unsafe.  Other guidelines may be announced as needed by the Coordinator of Discipline.


Uniform Spirit Days

To celebrate the many ways SHA students contribute as part of a school sanctioned group or team, certain days will be designated as Uniform Spirit Days.  On these days, students may wear their official SHA activity sweatshirt/t-shirt in school colors with the remainder of the school uniform.


Dress Team Wear for Sports

Athletes must remember that as team members, they represent Sacred Heart Academy. Proper attire is part of the positive image of a SHA student, on the way to the game, on the court, and at practice. Athletes whose team chooses to purchase team athletic attire must seek prior approval from the Athletic Director.  No “messages” are to be printed on or displayed across the chest or backside.


Dress Attire for Field Trips

Students must be dressed appropriately for school.  Dress pants, dresses of appropriate length, skirts, sweaters should be worn. No revealing tops, bare midriffs or jeans are allowed.  Dress up regulations apply to all students on field trips unless teacher specifies more casual dress should be worn.  If performing, use the guidelines from your instructor or director for acceptable dress.


Any questions or concerns regarding the dress code should be referred to

Mrs. Barbara Rooney, Director of Athletics and Student Life, Coordinator of Discipline, 834-2101 ext. 319