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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors do you consider for admission to SHA as an incoming 9th grader?

For students entering as freshwomen, we review scores on the Catholic High School Entrance Examination (HSPT), middle school grades, past standardized testing (when available), and a letter of recommendation. We accept students with a broad range of abilities who we identify will be able to experience success at Sacred Heart.

What happens if my daughter misses the entrance exam given in November?

There are additional opportunities throughout the year to take the entrance exam. Please call the Admissions Office at 834-2101, ext. 311 for more information.

We are not practicing Catholics. Will this affect my daughter’s experience at Sacred Heart?

Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic school. The majority of our families identify themselves as Catholic, but Sacred Heart also has students from all different faiths and religious backgrounds. SHA students are required to complete a four-year religion program. In addition, all students are required to attend mass but if non-Catholic then they do not need to participate.

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes. Prospective transfer students must have a grade point average of 85 percent or higher. We also require a copy of the current report card as well as report cards from the previous two years; two teacher recommendations; and an interview on the day of shadowing. Guidelines and application are available here.

Can my daughter visit SHA?

Yes, we believe that the best experience for your daughter is to “shadow” a current SHA student for the day. We recommend that a prospective freshwoman shadow during the fall of her eighth grade year. Transfer students may shadow at any time during the academic year.  Tours are also available on an individual basis.  To arrange a shadow day or a tour, please call the Admissions Office at 834-2101, ext. 311.  

What is a first choice student?

A first choice student is a prospective student who indicates that Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart is her first choice school on the Catholic High School Application for Admission. First choice students take the Catholic High School Entrance Examination at Sacred Heart and are considered for scholarships and financial aid.

What districts offer busing to SHA?

Currently, nineteen school districts provide public transportation to SHA.
Are scholarships and financial aid available to transfer students?

Scholarships are awarded only to entering freshwomen and are automatically renewed if the student remains in good academic standing. Financial aid is awarded on an annual basis and therefore, transfer students may apply for financial aid during the application process.

Is there a registration fee?

A $500 non-refundable tuition deposit is required in order to enroll your daughter. The deposit will be credited to the student’s tuition account.

What are the financial obligations at SHA beyond tuition and the student fees?

All students pay tuition and the student fees. In addition, upon registration, each student is billed a one-time charge for a new iPad. Separate fees are charged for private instrumental lesson fees, Advanced Placement, online and college level course fees, and field trips. In addition, students are expected to raise $125 for the annual walkathon and sell ten tickets ($25 each) for the annual raffle. SHA also invites voluntary gifts to the Annual Loyalty Fund, which support the daily operations of the Academy and are tax-deductible.

Can I expect to pay book fees?

All students pay a general fee of $500, which covers the cost of technology as well as consumable materials such as art supplies, laboratory supplies and manuals and vocabulary books. The general fee also covers the yearbook cost and annual Parent Guild dues. Many textbooks that students use are supplied by their school districts.

Are tuition payment plans available?

Yes, SHA offers three tuition payment plans:
Payment in full by July 1, semi-annual payments (July and December) or
eleven equal installments commencing in July and ending in May. The installment plan is administered through FACTS via direct withdrawal from your checking account at a predetermined date each month.  

What options are available to help families pay for a SHA education?

SHA works with families to find affordable options for financing a SHA education. Options include merit and need-based scholarships, financial aid, tuition payment plans, and the Tuition Assistance Program (a student work-study program).