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Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart’s technology program prepares our students to possess the analytical skills to evaluate, question and contribute to the global body of information; and have the ethical and spiritual foundation to use these tools and this information to contribute to the good of the local and global community.   

To fulfill this goal, Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart has an online Learning Management System, Smart Boards in every classroom, a 1:1 student iPad program, laptops available for science lab work, networked computer labs and online textbooks, and note taking and study applications.  

Additionally, the Collaboratory provides an experimental, flexible space where science, technology, engineering, art and math curricula intersect with real life applications, collaborative learning and creative ingenuity.  The Collaboratory is equipped with 3D printers, computers, microcontrollers, robotics kits, soldering tools, a laser cutter, motors, circuitry, experimentation kits, scanner, digital cameras, larger format printer, and an interactive projection device, all supporting our students’ acquisition of 21st century skills.