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International Baccalaureate Diploma Program


Following a year-long process, Sacred Heart Academy has been designated an IB World School and is the only private high school in the Greater Buffalo area to offer this exceptional opportunity!  The IB Diploma Program’s rigorous and comprehensive two-year curriculum for juniors and seniors launched in September 2021. The IB Diploma Program is commonly recognized as the gold standard of high school curricula.  The global perspective at the core of the IB curriculum is more relevant than ever and completely aligns with SHA’s mission and vision of empowering young women with excellence in education that prepares them to make a positive impact on the world.

Harvard University has said the following regarding the IB Diploma Program: “Success in an IB Program correlates well with success at Harvard.  We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Program on the transcript.”  Closer to home, an IB Diploma can result in sophomore standing and/or up to 30 college credits at institutions like Canisius College and the University at Buffalo.

Developed over 50 years ago, the IB curriculum is accepted and respected the world over.  IB Diploma Candidates will take six IB courses their junior and senior years, along with a two-year course in Theory of Knowledge.  Additionally, each diploma candidate must complete and reflect on creativity, activity and service hours as well as complete a 4,000-word research paper.  The breadth and depth of this well-established curriculum will prepare students exceptionally well for the rigor and independence of college.

The authorization and verification process to obtain IB Designation was extensive and involved a team of teachers, administrators and board members, all of whom have made this our designation as a IB World School possible.  Steps to prepare for the designation included professional development, written course outlines, policy development, and a verification visit from IB.  During the visit, the IB representatives expressed how impressed they were with Sacred Heart generally and more particularly with the team that was assembled to explore and implement the program.

*Due to the rigor of the program, participation in the IB Diploma Program will be based upon coursework, grades and an application process.  Eligible students will be invited during the second half of their freshman year, which will allow them to prepare throughout their sophomore year for the demands of the program.

Sacred Heart Academy's IB Policies for 2021-22 School Year: