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SHAdow Day Information

shadow day


Eighth grade girls are invited to spend a day at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart through our SHAdow Program.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Due to Covid-19, we are unable to schedule Shadow Days for Fall 2020 at this time.  Please complete the Shadow Request Form so we can reach out to you as we create other opportunities for your daughter to experience "SHA for a Day."

 Attend classes with a freshwoman that you know or we will pair you up with a student with similar interests

Meet Sacred Heart Academy students and faculty

Find out about the opportunities for you in academics, sports, music, and clubs


What you need to know:

SHAdow dates begin October 2 and continue through November 15

Other dates can be arranged, if necessary. 

Arrival time-8-8:15 am (use side entrance- parking lot at corner of Eggert & Main, please do not arrive before 8:00 am)

Dismissal time-2:20 pm (pick up at side entrance-parking lot at corner of Eggert & Main)

All girls will receive a free lunch

Please bring a book, in case your host has a test

Dress code: Wear a skirt, dress or nice pair of pants (no jeans or leggings)

Students can bring cell phones, but they must be turned off.


Fill out the Shadow Day Request Form or call the Admissions Office to reserve your space:

Mary C. Ganey, Director of Admissions, 834-2101 ext 311