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SHAdow Day Information

shadow day


You are invited to spend a day at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart!

 Attend classes with a freshwoman that you know or we will pair you up with a student with similar interests

Meet Sacred Heart Academy students and faculty

Find out about the opportunities for you in academics, sports, music, and clubs


What you need to know:

SHAdow dates begin October 2 and continue through November 15

Other dates can be arranged, if necessary. 

Arrival time-8:15 am (use side entrance- parking lot at corner of Eggert & Main, please do not arrive before 8:00 am)

Dismissal time-2:20 pm (pick up at side entrance-parking lot at corner of Eggert & Main)

All girls will receive a free lunch

Please bring a book, in case your host has a test

Dress code: Wear a skirt or nice pair of pants (no jeans or leggings)

Students can bring cell phones, but they must be turned off.


For more information or to reserve your space:

Mary C. Ganey, Director of Admissions, 834-2101 ext 311