Contact Directory

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Who to Contact
School Main Office
Fax: (716) 834-2944
Administrative Council
Head of School
Jennifer M. Demert, ext.303
Director of Academics 
Michele Calandra, ext. 308
Director of Admissions
Mary C. Ganey, ext. 311
Director of Advancement
Susan Reiser Daniels '92, ext. 352
Director of Athletics and Student Life
Barbara Rooney '74, ext. 319
Director of Finance
Kathleen Grieco, ext. 304
Program Directors and Coordinators
Alumnae Coordinator
Sister Mara Walton '59, ext. 317
Buildings & Grounds Coordinator
Rick Rogers, ext. 306
Campus Ministry
Bridget McGuinness, ext. 312
Maria Clare '95, ext. 335
Coordinator of Administrative Services
Sister Connie Marlowe, ext. 305
Coordinator of Discipline
Barbara Rooney '74, ext. 319
Guidance & Counseling Center
Kristin Clarke, ext. 314
Ashley Konert Lanfear, ext. 313
Health Office
Noreen Small, ext. 307
Music Director
Terry Madill, ext. 367
School Social Worker
Robin Stanley Dhand '09
Student Council Moderator
Meghan D'Andrea, ext. 396
Technology/iPad Coordinator
Chris Poole, ext. 366