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The Leadership Studies Program at Sacred Heart Academy is designed to empower our students to be leaders in our wider world. The curriculum is an integral part of every student’s SHA experience throughout her four years here, and a quarterly grade appears on report cards. Through formal presentations and experiential learning, students develop the skills, values, and confidence needed to serve as role models and leaders.

Leadership classes for freshwomen focus on developing greater self-esteem, awareness of personal strengths, and recognition of personal values. This first year introduces students to various types of leadership, as well as having practical input on study skills, test taking, and healthy dating.

As sophomores, students acquire essential listening and communication skills, study critical thinking techniques, and learn how to work effectively within the small group process. The text, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, is the guiding format for some of the year.

As juniors, the students finish the second half of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens for their curriculum as well as developing their personal skills in seminar settings and formal presentations from speakers. In keeping with the Common Core standards, in the fall semester the focus is  on Critical Reading and Writing skills. During the spring semester, they work with the Counseling Center on the college application process and leadership skills.

During senior year, students draw upon all the leadership skills they have explored by completing class leadership projects. The projects have four mandatory guidelines: personal, innovative, passion-driven, and skill-based. After completing their leadership projects, the seniors evaluate the procedures and reflect upon their leadership experiences. Their last step is to go forth and serve and lead in our wider world, driven by innovative ideas and a passion for positive change.