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St. Francis Bequest Society

The St. Francis Society honors those who have named Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart as a beneficiary of a planned gift. Sacred Heart Academy is truly blessed by their partnership and thoughtful generosity. Most people make a planned gift by designating that a specific dollar amount or a certain percentage of their estate be donated as part of their will. Other donors choose to designate Sacred Heart Academy as a beneficiary of real estate, annuities, securities or an insurance policy. A bequest to SHA can be made for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or for all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family. It's as easy as naming your intentions in your will.
There are several benefits of giving to SHA through your estate planning:
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime. You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change.
  • Leaving a gift in your will costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for future generations of SHA girls.
  • Planned gifts to SHA from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes.
  • If you let SHA know of your plans, we can thank you now and recognize you as a member of our St. Francis Legacy Society.
  • Unrestricted planned gifts are added to Sacred Heart’s endowment to secure the future of the academy.
To learn more about how a gift to SHA can provide income or estate tax benefits, call your attorney or financial advisor. If you decide to name the Academy in your will, please notify the school of your intentions by returning the enclosed form so that we may acknowledge your thoughtful generosity as a member of the St. Francis Society.  
For more information about how your gift can impact the Academy, call the Advancement Office at 834-2101 ext. 352. All estate planning should be made with counsel from an attorney or a financial advisor specializing in estate planning.
St. Francis Society Members:
Anonymous (3)
Elizabeth Krylow Albov ‘59
Josephine Lombardo Arnold ‘60
Ruth Thompson Auer ‘45 †
Judy Carr Beecher ‘58 †
Joan Smith Bermeitinger ‘43
James Biddle, Jr.
Gertrude Braun ‘38 †
Helene Brown ‘51 †
Irma Dzierznowska Burns ‘65 †
Louise Linneman Cantwell ‘66
Caesarina Ciminelli Cardarelli ’39 †
Ellen Coad Christensen ‘60 †
Anne R. Clauss ‘52 †
Mary Frances Danner ‘51 †
Delphine Marlinski Clippinger ‘41 †
Tammie Lee Puszert Demler, PharmD ‘87
Catherine V. DiVizio
Elizabeth Fago-Smith ‘68
Joyce Fink ‘48
Carrie and David Frank
Mary Jane Winkler Fry ‘64 †
Ann Marie Hackford Galbo ‘63
Patricia Wolf Gallagher ‘71
Karen F. Gross ‘61 †
Jacqueline Bruce Hanley ‘50 †
Constance Schank Hawkins ‘45 †
Mary Ann Kuntz Hoffert ‘55 †
Mary Jo Hezel Ketchum ‘59
Kathleen Brown Knepper ‘38 †
Eleanor Ryan Kratzer ‘39 †
Mary Anne Licker ‘60
Joan Houmann Mann ‘46
Kathleen McCarthy ‘56
Sheila McCarthy ‘51
Elizabeth Ann Reiser Murray ‘56 †
Angela Cirillo Naylor ‘50 †
Janice Nelson ‘45
Ann McCarthy O’Brien ‘49 †
Mary Beth Sercu O’Brien ‘57
Barbara Eckert Ochterski, PhD ‘61
Marilyn Turner Panzica ‘53
Elaine Pauly ’51 †
Diane M. Peters-Koren, MD ‘59
Barbara Myslinski Przybysz ‘56 †
Emilie Pogorzelski Rados ‘36 †
Rosemary Kirchmyer Reszka ‘53 †
Joan Tarantino Ricotta ‘37 †
Marita Loughran Ronald ‘62
Rosemary Kramer Schwab ‘43 †
Peggy Ann Slowinski, RN ‘70
Arlene Metz Smith ‘42 †
Ruth H. Smith, CDR USN NC Retired
Susan Spadinger ‘66
Dorothy M. Suchan ‘37 †
Mary Fox Sullivan ‘55
Margaret Irr Summersgill ‘49 †
Jacqueline Tasch ‘62
Marie Seitz Troy ‘42 †
Elizabeth Kempkes Waclawek ‘42 †
Virginia Schumacher Wendel ‘51 †
Jacqueline Shea Wopperer ‘52 †
Mary Ann Berbach Wright ‘43 †
Marion L. Zimmerman ‘39 †
† Denotes donor who has returned to God