Tuesday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Yoga Club meets today at 3:00 in the Dance Studio.  See you there!
2. History Club meeting after school today.  All who are participating in the UB Model UN should attend.
3. Seniors- Reminder- the area outside of the library is for quiet study only.  No food, phones, or loud conversations.  No sleeping or blankets.  Thank you for your cooperation.
4. Spilled Ink will have a meeting after school today in room 210.  Hope to see you there!
5. SHArks Bite Cancer Club will meet TODAY in 208.  All are welcome.
6. Documentary Club will meet Thursday to watch I Am Evidence.  All are welcome!
7. Here's your one month reminder that your final 10 Footprints Service hours are due one month from yesterday- March 11.
8. Music Ministry will meet tomorrow morning at 7:30 in the aud to plan the next Masses.  Please come with your song choices and ideas.
Afternoon Announcements
1. SHArk bus schedule
   3:00 pm  SHAbus rowing
2. Friday is a non-uniform day.
3. The cafeteria will be closed after school today.  All students waiting for rides should wait in SHA Hall.