Thursday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Juniors going on the class trip- there is a meeting tomorrow in the aud during homeroom.  See your email for details.
2. Students in study halls periods 5, 6, and 7- please meet in the library today.
3. Coding Club meets today at 3:00 in 107.  All are welcome.
4. LAST CALL!  Please consider donating some of your freshly laundered no longer worn clothes to the Service Club clothing drive.  Tomorrow is the last day.  Thank you to all who have donated already.
Afternoon Announcements
1. SHArk bus schedule:
   3:00 SHAbus - bowl and row
2. Today is the All Catholics Bowling Match - good luck to varsity!  JV finishes their season with a match vs. Mt. Mercy.
3. Friday IS a Uniform Spirit Day.
4. Remember - socks must cover ankles when wearing footless tights.