Friday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Material from Lost & Found will be gone at the end of today.
2. The Torch meeting scheduled for today has been cancelled.
3. ASL Club will meet on Tuesday, December 11 at 3:00 in room 209.
4. Can you donate the cost of one of your Christmas gifts so that a young woman in Zambia can get an education?  You can still join SHA's efforts to support our Zambian sisters.  Check out SHA's website or see Miss D'Andrea for more details.
5. Mr. Madill and Mrs. Smith would like to congratulate all the music students who performed at last night's Christmas Concert.  Thank you all for a wonderful evening of beautiful Christmas music.  Excellent performance everyone!
Afternoon Announcements
1. The Torch meeting for today has been cancelled.
2. Monday, December 10th, we are on Schedule #6 for our second Advent Prayer Service.