Teri Schwartz LeBeau '67 invests in SHA's future scientists

Teri Schwartz LeBeau graduated from Sacred Heart in 1967 with a concentration in science and mathematics, but she didn’t know that it would start her on a very interesting and diverse career path. Following graduation, Teri attended Merrimack College in North Andover, MA, and graduated with a BS in chemistry.
Rather than a career in lab science, Teri had plans for a career in the business side of science and she wanted to use her chemistry background. She was the first woman hired by The Dow Chemical Company in technical sales and she started in Dow’s Chicago sales office. She went on to have a 30-year career in marketing, business management, investor relations, and finance at Dow’s corporate headquarters in Midland, MI. In the late 1970s, Dow recognized the challenge of retaining female talent and tapped Teri to form a team tasked with unraveling this complex issue. Teri and her colleagues found a surprising revelation: Participation in high school or collegiate athletics proved to be a common thread for the women who were succeeding in their careers at Dow. Teamwork, competition, setting goals, and commitment all were fostered by women who participated in sports and seemed to be a predictor of success in the demanding corporate environment. This resonated with Teri who played both volleyball and basketball at SHA.
After retirement, Teri and her husband, Joe, embarked on a new chapter dividing their time between sunny Florida, the snow-capped peaks of Colorado and the majestic waters of the Great Lakes. With her commitment to paying back the role SHA had in her life and understanding that women are still underrepresented in the STEM fields, Teri has been a perennial supporter of Sacred Heart, particularly the science department. This year, her generosity grew with an increased investment as she underwrote the acquisition of a full complement of high-precision digital analytical balances for the chemistry students. Tammy Mugel, chair of SHA's science department was thrilled at Teri’s donation, emphasizing the profound impact this upgrade will have on the educational experience of Sacred Heart’s students.
“At Sacred Heart, we strive to provide a diverse array of science classes and our IB and AP offerings ensure that each student is exposed to collegiate-level learning,” remarked Tammy. “The enhancement of our lab equipment elevates the overall educational experience for our young women, affording them a distinct advantage as they navigate their academic journey.”
Teri’s steadfast investment in the success of today's students not only positions them for future opportunities but also imbues them with the confidence to embrace their experiences and abilities. Her generosity will impact students for years to come and Teri’s commitment is an example of the enduring impact of philanthropy and the transformative power of education.