Career Day 2024

Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart's recent Career Day illuminated pathways to the future for its students, offering them invaluable exposure to role models across various professions. Karen Kukoda, an esteemed alumna from the class of '86, kicked off the event with a captivating keynote discussion, shedding light on her career as an executive leader in cybersecurity partnerships.

Though the field of cyber security hadn't yet emerged during Karen's time at Sacred Heart, her unwavering curiosity served as a guiding force throughout high school, college, and her professional journey. She emphasized how curiosity had led her to seize new opportunities and continuously evolve in her career. Additionally, Karen underscored the significance of the friendships she forged at SHA and the lessons learned about the importance of uplifting and supporting other women. Reflecting on her time at Sacred Heart, Karen expressed, "Sacred Heart is a place where we celebrate one another's accomplishments, not where we compete to beat one another."

Following Karen's keynote address, students participated in three distinct small group discussions, delving into a myriad of career paths including social work, engineering, education, and fashion. With over 30 presenters, a majority of whom were alumnae, each student had the invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the educational requirements and daily realities of various professions.

Held annually, Career Day serves as a cornerstone of the celebration of Women's History Month at SHA. Both students and presenters alike relished the chance to connect, learn from one another, and cultivate meaningful relationships through the exploration of diverse career opportunities