Patty Smith '75 and Tina Zinter-Chahin '75 Create Scholarship

Patty Smith ’75 transferred to Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart in her Sophomore year of high school. On her first day, while standing on the steps near the beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, she met Tina Zinter-Chahin ’75 for the very first time and thus began a lifelong friendship.

Patty and Tina formed an inseparable bond. They have supported one another through success and failure, love and loss, and all life's unpredictable moments. Throughout their decades of friendship, they never stopped finding adventures, having fun, and making the most of every situation. For example, several years ago, they placed the winning bid for Bruno Mars tickets at SHA’s Sandstone Dinner Auction. No one in attendance will ever forget their excitement!

Patty and Tina have always referred to themselves as “Cronies”, a classic word for a classic pair.  In celebration of their decades-long friendship, they have established an endowed scholarship at Sacred Heart entitled The Crony Award by Patty Smith ’75 and Tina Zinter-Chahin ’75. It is an honor to have these dear friends make a significant gift that will allow future generations of young women to form the exceptional bonds of SHA sisterhood.  

To learn more about helping young women access the transformative Sacred Heart experience, contact Susan Reiser Daniels '92 at [email protected] or (716) 834-2101, 352.