Thursday, October 26

Thursday, October 26                                                       D Day                                                         Regular Schedule

This Week's Schedules:  

  • Thursday, October  26 -- Regular
  • Friday, October 27 -- Regular

This Week's Club Meetings:

  • Thursday, October 26 -- Mathletes (105), Women in Lit (306),  Mock Trial (LMC)
  • Friday, October 27 

Today's Announcements:

  •  Mock Trial informative meeting: Thursday, October 26 at 3 pm in LMC. Open to grades 9-12. Great for future lawyers, students who enjoy acting, want to improve public speaking, or are looking to strengthen critical thinking skills. Try-outs November 2023.
  • Lit Mag meeting next Wednesday (first day of November!) 3 pm in room 405. Join in the Google Doc “ conversation” on writing prompts and graphics for posters! Posters need to go up next week!
  • Club Moderators and Officers -- please fill out form for next week's club meetings (October 30 - Nov 3)