Monday, September 18

Monday, September 18                                                               D day                                                                   Regular Schedule

This Week's Schedules: (NO PAUSE ON WEDNESDAY)

  • Monday, September 18 -- Regular
  • Tuesday, September 19 -- Regular
  • Wednesday, September 20 -- AM Assembly
  • Thursday, September 21 -- Regular
  • Friday, September 22 -- Regular

This Week's Club Meeting:

  • Wednesday, September 20 -- Lit Mag (405)
  • Thursday, September 21 -- ASIA (307)

Today's Announcements:

  • SENIORS AND FRESHWOMEN: Reminder that Wednesday morning we will be taking your class photo on the front steps!
  • LIT MAG: has its kick-off meeting in room 405 at 3 pm this Wednesday (20 September)!  Interested in art, layout, reading, writing!  Lit Mag is for you!  Come with ideas for flash fiction prompts!  We will be discussing our posters for this year’s two contests!
  • Anyone who loves acting, singing, dancing, directing, or stage crew: New York State Theater Education Association holds a conference every year with workshops in all your favorite theater activities.  It is held the first week of January in the Catskills and is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Please see Dr. Szalach for more information.  Deadline to commit to the trip is September 29th.