SHA Has A New Sister!

Sacred Heart is thrilled to announce the purchase of the former People Inc building located at 3826 Main Street, directly adjacent to Sacred Heart's main building.   Built in 1931, this "sister" building comes from the concept that that both buildings came into existence from the same creator and bear many similar characteristics. Like SHA’s main campus at 3860 Main Street, our new building was designed by prolific and renown Buffalo architect, Duane Lyman. 
In addition to the idea that they share many of the same striking features, the word sister has other significant meanings to SHA.  Sisterhood has become a stand in for lifelong friendships that girls nuture during their four years at SHA, a support network that is there when needed most, and an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie that is signature to SHA.  In addition, the word "sisters" is a fitting tribute to our founding order, the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Charity.  Stay tuned as we watch our new "sister" take shape!