Thursday, January 12

Thursday, January 12          F Day                   Regular Schedule

This Week's Schedules:  

  • Thursday, January 12 -- Regular Schedule
  • Friday, January 13 -- Regular Schedule

This Week's Club Meetings:

  • Thursday, January 12 -- Spilled Ink (404), Computer Club (103), HOSA (303), Science Olympiad (Collab.)
  • Friday, January 13 -- Book Club (library)

Today's Announcements:

1.  Stage Crew will meet on Tuesday, January 17th at 3pm in Mr. Liberti’s room, 308. We will be discussing positions for the drama for lights, sound, costumes, props, and backstage, as well as crew needs for February.  Please contact Dr. Szalach or Mr. Liberti if you want to help out but can’t attend the meeting.