Wednesday Announcements


This is a reminder that Buffalo Prep will be here tomorrow during your lunch period.  Please make sure you are in the LMC3 room of the Library during your lunch period tomorrow and don’t forget to bring your lunch.

Last call to help the DIY Club spread the warmth of SHA to infusion patients.  Friday, December 3rd will be our last day collecting brand new blankets.  The boxes are located inside the main front doors, inside the Keybank door near Room 104 and in the Main Office. Thank you for your support in letting the infusion patients know that they are thought of warmly this holiday season.

Do you like the feeling of winning an argument? Do you enjoy debating, acting, or competition? If so, consider joining mock trial. 

If you are interested in joining the team please come to tryouts today at 3:15pm, and check your email for more information.

Improv club will have its second meeting on Friday December 3rd! If you were unable to make it to the first meeting you can still come and join in the fun! If you have any questions please reach out to Miss Anderson. 

How are YOU preparing your heart this Advent season?  Have you brought in your money for the child from Gerard Place?  DId you say thank you to the person who drove you to school?  Smile with your eyes today!!!

If you’re at least 16 years old and 120+ pounds, you can donate blood! Visit the ConnectLife donation center near you. All through December, donors will receive a cute pair of holiday socks!  And as always, bring proof of donation to the library for 3 SHA service hours! 

Shout out to Juliana Wasiewicz and Natalie Walter for donating blood over the break!  And to Claire Atkinson and Mary Elkhoury for giving it a shot too!  

Freshwomen - today is your retreat!!  After announcements, please head to the lunch room, old gym.  You just need to bring yourself, no backpacks or phones.  Retreat Team, please meet in the lunch room as well.

This Friday December 3rd is Christmas Accessory Day! Wear your favorite Christmas hat and/or socks with your regular uniform. The appropriate polo, skirt, and lanyard must be worn. Reach out to Stuco with any questions . 

READ LAST. Today is Rosa Parks Day. On December 1st, 1955 she was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for actions to contribute to the Civil Rights movement. As today marks 66 years since this American Civil Rights hero was arrested, let us recall some of Rosa Park’s historical words.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”

“To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try.”

Mrs. Whitney’s anatomy and physiology class will meet as normal today.  It is not a free period.