Monday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Yoga Club meets today at 3:00 in the Dance Studio.  All are welcome.
2. This is a reminder that Buffalo Prep will be here today.  Please make sure you are in room 3 of the Library during your lunch period and don't forget to bring your lunch.
3. Anyone submitting resolutions for the UB Model UN should send their resolutions to Dr. Krull today!
4. Congratulations to the following freshwomen who participated in the Erie County Choral Music Festival this past weekend:  Mandy Allen, Maddy Zgoda, Charlotte Krollman, and Eva Passalaqua!  All four girls earned a score of 95 and higher and will be representing SHA at the All-County Music Festival in March.  Congratulations to all!
5. The music department is still looking for a few more students and faculty to perform at Coffee House this year on Tuesday, February 11.  This is a very fun evening of music, songs, poetry, dance, and comedy in a very relaxed atmosphere.  So if you play guitar or ukulele or piano, or sign or have written a song, or have a poem to read, or a dance routine, then please SIGN UP.  This event is open to all students!
Afternoon Announcements
1. SHArk bus schedule
    3:00 pm  SHAbus rowing