Friday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Study Hall period 9- report to the library.
2. Mrs. Cutrona's classes- report to the library.  Seniors are free.
3. Please remember to bring in blankets for the infusion patients.  The boxes are located in the main office and in the Key Bank foyer.  Thank you from the DIY Club.
4. A warm welcome to the following girls who are shadowing today:
     Maya Reynolds
     Jamea Edwards
We hope you have a great day!
5. Quinn Kennedy and Rory Schaeffer- please see Mr. Liberti period 4 in the Collaboratory.
6. Morgan Vance- please see Mr. Liberti period 8 in room 308.
8. The following students should see Ms. Cimusz in her office immediately following announcements:  Haley Nitsche, Phalyn Johnson, Brooklyn Gordon, Sophia Sullivan, Maxine Richardson, Gour Deng Gac.
9. The following girls, please come to the main office after announcements:  Emmanuela Deng Gac, Taspeya Hossain, Helina Gebre, Bandhan Khabra, Muram Darfor, and Jada Coffey.
Afternoon Announcements
1. Reminder - hair color must be natural and facial jewelry other than earrings is not allowed.