Thursday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Yoga Club meets today from 3:00 to 3:30 in the Dance Studio.  All are welcome.
2. Diversity & Inclusion Club meets today 3:00-3:30 in 202.
3. This is a reminder that Buffalo Prep will be here today.  Please make sure you are in room 3 of the library during your lunch period and don't forget to bring your lunch.
4. SHA Service Club is looking for more fun-sized candy bars for their Peaceprints Project.  Please consider buying a bag or donating your extra Halloween candy this week.
5. A warm welcome to the following girls who are shadowing today:
     Lucy Flanagan
     Mae Flanagan
We hope you have a great day!
Afternoon Announcements
1. SHArk bus schedule
   3:00 pm SHAbus - bowl and row
2. Friday is a non-uniform day because of the Veteran's Day holiday on Monday.
3. If you borrowed a skirt or polo from the uniform cupboard, please return it.
4. Fall athletes - remember to bring in your sports uniforms!