Wednesday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Seniors, the following colleges are here today in LMC3:
    Loyola Maryland - 8:20 am
    Tulane University - 9 am
    Stonehill College - 9:45 am
    Swarthmore College - 10:45 am
Juniors who wish to attend, please see your counselor.
2. Applications are still being accepted for the Bahamas trip in February.  Email Miss Makar for more information.
3. Chorale and Chamber singers - class will be held in the auditorium today - period 7.  Please have your music folder with you!
4. Buffalo Prep will be here tomorrow during lunch periods.  Please come tot he LMC3 during your lunch and don't forget to bring your lunch!
5. There is a lost pink gym bag with sneakers and a t-shirt.  It was last seen in the maintenance hallway.  Please email gturecki23 if you find it.
Afternoon announcements
1. SHArk bus schedule
    3:00 pm  volleyball
    3:45 pm  swim/row
2. Good luck to varsity field hockey - scrimmage vs. Kenmore/City Honors and volleyball at OHara.
3. Friday will NOT be a Uniform Spirit Day