Eggert Road Entrance is Closed

The new tenants of the old Key Bank building next door to SHA are renovating the building. The Eggert Road entrance to our lot is closed to traffic for safety, at least until January. The Key Bank (side lot) is therefore only accessible from Main Street. Parking is also encouraged in the Clare Hall lot.
To help alleviate traffic congestion, if you are travelling West on Main Street, please use the Key Bank lot to park. If you are travelling East on Main Street, please use the Clare Hall lot. For Thursday only, the Clare Hall lot is ONE WAY, with entrance on Main and exit on Maynard.
Students and staff who will be parking in the Key Bank lot (not dropping off or picking up) are asked to park toward the BACK of the lot.
FOR ORIENTATION DAY ONLY, students may also be dropped off or picked up in the ONE WAY semi-circular driveway in front of the main entrance of the building since buses will not be using it. Please do not park in this driveway.
Please, as always, use extra caution in the parking lots to ensure student safety.