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Why support SHA?

Support SHA- SHA Supporters- Herrmann
Heide Herrmann ’91
Magistrate Judge in Washington D.C.
Christus Super Omnia Distinguished Alumna (2017)
Donor to the Annual Loyalty Fund

"Here’s why I tell people that I’m proud to have gone to Sacred Heart, and why I support it in any way I can: Sacred Heart teaches women their value; hundreds of women. And it teaches them to serve others; hundreds of women. These hundreds of women can be an Army of Good – they can go out and find the people who aren’t as lucky and don’t know their value. That’s who SHA is sending out into the world: powerful women who know their power, and know how to use it for good."

It is with deep gratitude that we celebrate those who support Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart at every level. Join our list of supporters with your online gift.