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2019 Cross Country Recaps

November 3: All Catholics
The SHA Cross Country team swam well at All Catholics at Knox Farm Sunday. It was wet, muddy, cold. The girls ran well.; JV 2nd, Varsity 2nd. Catherine Pivarunas set the tone for the day by winning the JV race and first team All Catholic. Rose Genco finished 7th and also was All Catholic first team, Alex Judge 8th, Emma Galus 9th, Mercedes Wehr 14th and a PR, Emma Beecher 19th, Anna Glodzik 22nd, Grace Duggan 27th, and Mary Lennon 31st rounded out the team.. There were 52 runners in the race.
Every one on the Varsity had good runs on a tough running day. Brigid Christ finished 5th, earned All Catholic First Team  honors,and qualified for the Federation meet Nov. 23. Isabella Rajecki finished 5th overall and also earned All Catholic First Team honors, Lainie Smith 10th, Morgan Giancaterino 12th, and Paige McGorry 14th all earned 2nd team All Catholic. Barbara Kunz finished 17th and Jackie McDonnel 24th. There were 46 runners in the race. 
We started with 16 in August and every person ran All Catholics!  Excellent team. Excellent young ladies.
October 12: Alden Invitational
The SHA XC team finished 15th at the Alden Invitational Saturday. Morgan Giancaterino led SHA finishing 43rd and running a PR. Isabella Rajecki finished 80th, Lainie Smith 82nd, Barbara Kunz 97th, and Alex Judge 124th. Both Alex and Barbara ran PR's. There were 150 runners in the race. In the Varsity B race Emma Beecher finished 37th and Emma Galus finished 41st. Both girls ran PR's. There were 160 runners in their race.
October 5: Town of Amherst Championship
The Cross Country team finished 1st at the Town of Amherst Championship Friday. The team won 12 championship shirts and set 6 PR's. Winning a shirt and setting a PR were Lainie Smith, Barbara Kunz, Catherine Pivarunas. and Alex Judge. Brigid Christ, Isabella Rajecki, Morgan Giancaterino, Paige McGorry, Jackie McDonnell, Rose Genco, Emma Beecher, and Emma Galus all won championship shirts while Anna Glodzik and Mary Lennon set PR's. There were 5 teams and 44 runners in the race.
September 28: McQuaid Invitational
The SHA Cross Country team ran in the McQuaid Invitational Saturday. Varsity runners doing particularly well were Brigid Christ who finished 39th and Jackie McDonnell who finished 140th. There were 335 runners in the race. Brigid Christ won a medal for finishing in the top 50 runners. Brigid, Jackie, and Emma Galus all ran PR's
In the 9/10 race SHA finished 5th out of 16 teams. Isabella Rajecki finished 15th and won a medal as did Morgan Giancaterino 24th, Paige McGorry 48th, and Rose Genco 49th. Barbara Kunz 60th, Catherine Pivarunas 67th. There were 132 runners in the race. Isabella, Paige, Rose, Barbara, Catherine and Emma Beecher all ran PR's.
September 21: East Aurora Invitational
The Cross Country team finished 6th out of 17 teams at the East Aurora Invitational Saturday. Brigid Christ finished 26th out of 132 runners, Isabella Rajecki, 29th, in spite of being sick, Jackie McDonnell, 42nd, Morgan Giancaterino, 45th, and Emma Galus , who was also sick most of the week finished 73rd. The Varsity B team earned a trophy by finishing 3rd in their race. Leading the Varsity B team were Paige McGorry who finished 9th and won a top 10 finisher T-shirt, Rose Genco 15th and Catherine Privarunas 17th both earned an award for finishing in the top 20. Barbara Kunz 22nd and Grace Duggan 36th rounded out the team. There were 77 runners in the race. All the runners in the Varsity B team are freshmen.
September 14: Knox Farms Invitational
The Sacred Heart Academy Cross Country team ran in the Knox Invitational this past Saturday. The Varsity finished 11th out of 25 teams and were led by Brigid Christ who finished 24th, Isabella Rajecki 63rd, Morgan Giancaterino 78th, Jackie McDonnell 81st, Lainie Smith 91st, and Emma Galus 107th. There were 162 runners in the race. The JV team finished 4th out of 33 teams. Leading the JV runners were Paige McGorry who finished 11th and won an award for being in the top 20. Rose Genco finished 21st, Catherine Privarunas 30th, Barbara Kunz 35th, Emma Beecher 39th, Anna Glodzok 67th, and Grace Duggan 113th. There were 199 runners in the race. All the runners ran well in their first meet of the season.