Thursday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Coding Club will meet today at 3:00.
2. Spilled Ink will have a meeting after school today in room 210.  Hope to see you there!
3. There will be a Torch newspaper meeting after school today in room 306 for all editors and anyone interested in writing for the Torch newspaper this year.
4. SHArks Bite Cancer Club will meet today in 208.  All are welcome!
5. Junior and Sophomore members of the Freshwomen Retreat Team, don't forget- we are meeting today after school in SHA Hall.
6. Advance Musical Theater report to SHA Hall.
7. Important:  Students who use the elevator must have a pass from the school nurse.  If you have a pass, you may have only one other student assist you.  You may not take more friends in the elevator with you.  Thank you for your cooperation.
8. Anyone interested in participating in the Geography Bee at Nichols next week should see Dr. Krull today.
9. Cooking for a Cause will meet in 304 after school today at 3:00.
Afternoon Announcements
1. Spanish Scrabble today & tomorrow at 3:00 in room 403.  All are welcome! Please join us and have fun!  Gracias!
2. Because Friday is the day before a holiday it is an Out of Uniform day.
3. SHArk bus schedule:
    3:00 pm   SHAbus bowling and rowing