Monday Announcements

  • Some of you will be receiving a message today regarding overdue books from last school year.  Please locate these textbooks or library books that belong to SHA and return them to the library this week.  If you cannot find the book, you will be responsible for the cost to replace it.  See or email Mrs. Coughlin or Mrs. B in the library if you have any questions.
  • Those trying out for sports teams this week, please remember to follow all the guidelines for safety- masks, distancing, etc. We want the season to go forward! Go Sharks!
  • With fall approaching and morning temperatures dropping, the building can be a little chilly until the sun warms it up.  Please layer up in uniform-approved sweatshirts/sweaters.  We should not be seeing any non-uniform tops over your polos.  If you wear youth L or youth XL polos, I have a supply of long-sleeve free ones in the boxes in the AC.  Come on over and help yourself.
  • If you are wearing footless tights, remember that your sock color must match and the socks must cover your ankles. Fleece-lined tights are a good option if you are cold.
  • Teachers will start giving out uniform violations.  Remember, detention is assigned once you get three violations.