Thursday Announcements

Morning Announcements
1. Lit Mag members- please check your email regarding our bake sale.
2. Literary Magazine Flash Fiction Contest- take advantage of your vacation to write a tale- 750 words or less!  Prize in addition to being published!  See the prize at the Lit Mag Mardi Gras bake sale right after break!
3. Thank you to everyone who got their raffle tickets in!  With over 80% participation, the senior class has won an ice cream treat during lunch on Friday!  The raffle winners were drawn at Coffee House and the winners are the Galle family, the Pollock family, the Gambino family, the Miller family, and the Krollman family.  Congratulations!!
4. The following students, please see Miss Makar in room 301 after announcements:  Hannah Tudor, Hanna Murphy, Evelyn Ackerman, Elisa Hoffman, Anya Acharya.
Afternoon Announcements
1.SHArk bus schedule
   3:00pm SHAbus rowing
2. Softball Open Gyms:
    Monday, 2/24 7:15 - 9 pm
    Tuesday, 3/3 7:15 - 9 pm
3. IMPORTANT!  Mrs. Dugan's 1st period class- see NEW worksheet on Schoology!