Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart


Health Office

A full-time nurse is available to attend to illnesses, emergencies or accidents that might occur during the Academy day.  All students are encouraged to visit the health office to discuss or receive information about any health-related issues or concerns.


Under New York State Health Law, new school registrants must present proof of immunization to the Health Office.  If this New York State requirement is not met, the student cannot be admitted to Sacred Heart Academy.  State law presently requires the following immunizations for school entrance:  Polio (3 doses), Diphtheria (3 doses – DPT or DT), Measles (rubeola) (2 doses), German Measles (rubella) (1 dose), Mumps (1 dose) (or combined MMR) given after the age of one year, and Hepatitis B given in a series of three injections.  Children born on or after January 1, 1994 are also required to have one dose of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or provide physician verification of chicken pox disease.

Physical Examinations

New York State law requires physical examinations for all students new to any school within the Amherst Central School District, regardless of grade level, as well as for all tenth grade students.  At SHA, this requirement includes all incoming ninth grade students.  Health Assessment Forms are available in the Health Office or can be printed from this website.  A student’s physician may also use his or her own health assessment form.
Physician's Health Assessment Form

Physical Examinations for Interscholastic Sports

For a student to be eligible to participate in interscholastic sports, she must submit a comprehensive physical completed by her private physician.  Medical examinations shall be valid for a period of twelve consecutive months.  This documentation must be submitted to the Health Office, not to athletic team coaches, prior to the start of a sport.  A student will not be allowed to try out for a sport unless she is first cleared for participation through the school nurse in advance.

Medications in School

Non-prescription Medications

  1. The school district physician authorizes the Amherst Central School District nurses, including the nurse at SHA, to administer the following over-the-counter medications with the signed permission of the student’s parent:
    •          Cough drops or throat lozenges (must be alcohol-free)
    •          Acetaminophen
    •          Ibuprofen
    •          Eye drops
    •          Antacid
  2. The above-listed over-the-counter medications will be the only medications that may be given without a student’s medical provider’s written permission or written order.

Prescription Medications

According to New York State Health Education Law, any medication to be administered to a student at school must be brought to the school in the bottle or container in which the medication was purchased or prescribed.  The Health Office must receive written permission from the student’s parent and physician before any prescription medication will be given.  A pharmacy label does not constitute a written order and cannot be used in lieu of a written order from a licensed prescriber.  A student will not be allowed to carry or have medication in her possession without prior physician approval.


Emergency Data Forms are required for all students.  The Health Office asks all families to list the phone number of at least one relative or friend that can be contacted in an emergency if a parent or guardian is unavailable.  Please inform the Health Office if any phone numbers or contact information changes.

Working Papers

Applications for New York State working permits are available in the Health Office.  To process working permit papers for a student, the Health Office must have a current physical on file for that student.

Claire Camann, BSN, RN
School Nurse
834-2101, ext. 307