Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart


Clubs and Organizations

Sacred Heart Academy encourages each student to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities.  These opportunities provide outstanding leadership experiences for students and occasions to build friendships with peers who share similar interests.  The extracurricular clubs and activities at SHA are designed to foster social awareness and debate, develop talents and skills, and enhance our students’ commitment to others.  Some of the diverse opportunities available at SHA include:

Amnesty International focuses on helping the vulnerable and unfortunate in the impoverished and war torn areas of the world.  SHA’s chapter emphasizes women’s rights and freedoms in these disadvantaged countries.  Meetings are held twice a month.

Anime Club is a group of students who share a passion for the Japanese art of anime or cartoon drawing.  Meetings are held once a month.

Art Club is a group of students who create art and work on projects which they choose.  Meetings are held every other week.

Badminton Club allows any student the opportunity to play badminton.  Members will also have the opportunity to participate in some tournaments.  Badminton meets twice a week for 8-10 weeks.

Book Club is a group of SHA students who enjoy reading great books and discussing them with others.  Each year we travel to Rochester to attend the Teen Book Festival where we get to listen to and meet authors. As a service project we critique books for the Museum of disABILITY History.

This group meets every 6-8 weeks.

Classic Club (Latin Bowl) is a group of students who participate in a quiz bowl, much like Jeopardy, except all questions are in and/or about Latin.  Meetings are held monthly.

Couch to 5K Club is a group whose goal is to get students off the couch and running 5 kilometers within 9 weeks.  The club meets once a week for nine weeks, beginning late September.  It will also run in the spring.

Diversity Club is founded on the philosophy that awareness and respect are the most effective ways to learn about and treat our fellow human beings. Its main focus is to allow members to address their individual issues, become engaged in the community, and understand one another. Members promote tolerance and the belief that all people should be honored and respected. Its goal is to bring people together through understanding.  Meetings are held every other week, opposite Drill Team.

DIY Club (Do It Yourself) is a group that makes various crafts found on Pinterest, mainly focusing on the holidays.  Some of the projects are made for the club members and others for their family.  The club meets monthly.

Donate Life is a club that seeks to raise awareness about the power of organ and tissue donations to give critically ill patients a new chance at leading healthy, productive lives.  Meetings are held once or twice a month.

Drama Club/Musical Production members participate in SHA’s fall musical and/or spring drama.  On-stage and behind-the-scenes roles offer everyone a chance to get involved. 

Drill Team is a diverse group of students with advanced rhythm capabilities who form step routines. Members develop routines and perform them at various events.  Drill Team meets every other week, opposite Diversity Club.

Environmental Club combines learning, service, and fun in monthly activities. Speakers, many of them alumnae, inform the group about the latest environmental problems in the Western New York area and the world. Service is performed with groups such as Riverkeepers, and students raise money to beautify the grounds at SHA as well as assist families in need. Field trips, such as snowshoeing, provide time to relax and meet new friends. The Club is open to all classes and meets monthly.

Equestrian Club is offered in the spring and takes place at the Buffalo Equestrian Center.  Cost is $450 per person.  The program is designed as an introduction to English horseback riding at the beginner and intermediate levels.

Etiquette Club will help students learn how to act appropriately, how to present themselves, and how to dress properly in social settings such as weddings, dinners, etc.  The club will meet weekly.

FanFiction and NaNo Writing Club will aim to publish original stories, as well as stories written, using "borrowed" characters and storylines from movies, books, tv shows, etc.  Members will use the publications sites FanFiction.net and Nanowrimo.org to post their stories and to get feedback from readers around the world.  In this club, students will focus on their journey as writers, discussing their process, inspirations, dispositions, and tools.  Members will share their woes and victories as well as track reader feedback through the publishing sites.  Meetings will be held twice monthly.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Club will bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development goals.  Meetings will be held once a month.

Franciscan Scholars are SHA students in advanced placement or honors English classes who read and discuss various plays and musicals and attend the theatrical productions. 

Going Places will offer students the opportunity to visit various sites and places of interest in and around Buffalo, as well as attend some special events and theater productions.  Meetings will be held monthly.

Guitar Roundtable is a gathering of students of the guitar, both acoustic or electric.  Students will meet to share information and to help one another improve their skills.  Members will encourage each other in their efforts to learn this wonderful instrument.  The group will meet every 2-3 weeks.

Knitting Club will teach students how to knit or refine their knitting skills.  The group will also work on a service project and invites knitters of all levels to join.  The group meets once a week after school along with some drop-in sessions before school.

Life Skills allows juniors and seniors to learn and discuss what is to come after graduation from SHA. Students will learn how to budget money, get help applying and interviewing for jobs and colleges, and talk with SHA graduates about all aspects of college life. They will also learn about relationships, compatibility, time and stress management.  Meetings are held once a month.

Literary Magazine is comprised of a group of SHA students who enjoy creative writing and artwork, and who work together to produce SHA’s literary magazine, Quoth The Raven.

Mock Trial learns about the principles of case development and trial techniques and competes against other schools in mock trial tournaments.

Meetings are three times a week.

Music Ministry consists of students who are looking to get involved in the planning, rehearsing, and/or performing of music at our monthly SHA liturgies.  The group meets during the week prior to liturgies.

National Honor Society is a group of juniors and seniors who maintain a grade point average of 3.6 or higher.  Members participate in activities that help improve the community.  Time and dates of meetings vary, depending on the projects at hand.

Sacristans help to prepare the SHA auditorium for school religious services and participate in the Academy liturgies.  Sacristans meet during the week prior to liturgies.

SADD, or Students Against Destructive Decisions, seeks to inform, educate, support, and empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives.  Students will meet 3-5 times a week prior to special campaigns.

Science Olympiad Team prepares for Regional, State, and National interscholastic competitions in science, engineering, and math events.  The team meets every week on Tuesday and Wednesday after school.

Self Defense Club will teach students some valuable self-defense techniques while giving them self-confidence and the opportunity to become more physically fit.  The club will meet once a week for one month.

SHAcappella is a high-quality performance group that incorporates singing and dancing without musical accompaniment.  Meetings are held every Monday from 3-4 pm and some Wednesday mornings from 7:30 - 8 am.

SHARK Club (Sacred Heart Acts of Random Kindness) is a group of students who will do kind things here at SHA, in the community, and beyond.  Meetings are held twice each month.

SHA Rock Band is an opportunity for singers, guitarists, drummers, bassists, and all other instrumentalists to showcase their talent and perform their favorite songs.  Rock Band will meet/rehearse once a week.  Schedule will be determined by students' availability.  Last year SHA Rock Band performed at the Hard Rock Cafe, SHA's Spring Concert, and both student recitals.

SHA Shouties are a group of students overflowing with school spirit who cheer on the school sports teams at competitions with rival schools.

Shouties will meet prior to selected games.

Ski Club offers a great outdoor winter activity for those students who enjoy the thrill of the slopes. Students ski at Holiday Valley on Friday evenings through the St Joe’s Ski Club.

Spanish/French Club offers exposure to the Spanish and French speaking world and its cultures in a fun environment. It looks beyond the Foreign Language classrooms and encourages the understanding of diversity of other people and cultures.  Meetings are held monthly.

Student Council is the government and leadership of the student body.  Its members include the Student Council officers, class officers, and homeroom representatives.  Student Council and class officers are elected each year in May.  Homeroom representatives are elected in October.  Members discuss and plan various events throughout the yeasr, including Spirit Week.  All officers and representatives must attend meetings every quarter.

Technology Club will teach students to be creators of technology, rather than just being consumers.  The group will explore computer and hardware programming and design through student-led projects.  Frequency of the meetings will be determined by the group.

Torch publishes the school newspaper, which contains articles about issues and events occurring within SHA, our community, and the nation.  Students are responsible for all stages of the production process, from research and writing, to layout and editing, to printing and distribution. The writing staff meets each quarter prior to publication.

Ukulele Club is open to students, faculty, and staff members who would like to learn to play the ukulele.  Members will perform at the Music Department concerts, as well as various events throughout the school year.  The group meets twice each month.

Volleyball Club is open to all students who enjoy playing volleyball in a non-competitive atmosphere.   The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm from September through November.

Yoga and Meditation will teach students techniques to relax, stretch, and de-stress. The group meets every other Friday from mid-October to mid-May.

80's Movie Club will explore the cinema of the 1980's, "the decade that made us," according to a recent National Geographic special.  Members will watch and discuss some classic 80's movies and enjoy the humor, life lessons, and big hair they have to offer us.  In the words of Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it."  Meetings will be held twice a month.