The decision to attend Sacred Heart Academy often presents a financial challenge for families.  At SHA, we work to find solutions to that challenge, and currently more than half of our student body receives some form of financial assistance.  A core element of that assistance is provided through our Scholarship Program.

Every year, scholarships are awarded to students based on a range of factors, including academic achievement, financial need, demonstrated excellence in a particular area, or a combination of factors.  Increasing scholarship resources is a top priority for SHA so that we may be able to continue offering competitive financial aid packages to attract and retain bright, talented and motivated young women.  By contributing to SHA’s Scholarship Program, you can provide the legacy of a Franciscan education to deserving young women today.

There are several ways you can support SHA’s Scholarship Program:

Sister of St. Francis Scholarship.

Many supporters of SHA prefer to designate their gift to SHA’s Scholarship Program because they believe it is the most direct way to benefit our students.  If you choose to make a scholarship gift of less than $500, it will be placed in the Sisters of St. Francis Scholarship Fund, and awarded to a deserving student in the next academic year.  Many donors like to make their gift in honor of a special person in their lives. 

Annual Scholarship

You can support students in need at SHA by committing to donate to the Scholarship Program.  Multiple donations may be aggregated to support one student, or a single donation may support multiple students depending upon its size.  If the donor wishes, the student or students receiving assistance will be informed of their benefactress’s identity.

Endowed Scholarship

Through a scholarship gift of $20,000 or more, you can give a SHA education to current and future generations of students.  Endowed scholarships can be established in your name or in honor of someone who has had a significant impact on your life.  Your gift is invested and the interest each year is awarded to a deserving student(s) who meets the criteria you and the Academy have identified.  Gifts can be made through pledges of up to five years and SHA will begin awarding the scholarship once full payment on the pledge has been received.  The following table provides an example of the benefits your gift can provide.

Total Investment Yearly Scholarship Award *
$20,000 $1,000 a year
$50,000 $2,500 a year
$100,000 $5,000 a year
$150,000 $7,500 a year
*  Amount will vary based on market return