Make a Gift

Thank you for clicking on this section and for considering a gift to Sacred Heart Academy. Your support will truly make a difference that can last a lifetime. 

Sacred Heart Academy makes it easy to give in a manner that is appropriate and convenient for each donor.  If you are interested in supporting a quality, Franciscan education that will empower women, please click the appropriate link below:

Annual Loyalty Fund

Make a one-time gift, or make a pledge, and establish a multiple payment plan to support the Academy in a quick and easy fashion that can be made from the comfort of your home.

Scholarship Program

Perhaps the most lasting tribute anyone can give is the ability to pass along the legacy of a Sacred Heart Academy education to others.  By establishing an annually funded, or endowed scholarship that recognizes a donor or loved one, you can help provide an excellent education to qualified young women, regardless of their ability to cover the full cost of tuition.

Special Projects

Many SHA students find themselves in the position of needing additional support so they can participate in the full Sacred Heart experience.  Your gift will help cover the cost of Advanced Placement tests, graduation fees, allow a student to attend her Junior Trip, or receive her keepsake Sacred Heart ring.   Your support can also allow a young woman to proudly wear her long white gown and carry roses on her graduation day.  These important memories cannot be made without your help.

Create a Legacy

The future of Catholic education in general, and Sacred Heart Academy in particular, will be determined by the generosity of benefactors who include Catholic schools, such as Sacred Heart, in their estate plans.  To this end, Sacred Heart has established a Legacy Society.  Funds generated through the foresight and generosity of society members will ensure that Sacred Heart will remain an affordable educational option to students from all economic backgrounds.