Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart


Shadow Program

The best way to know Sacred Heart Academy is to experience it firsthand, and so we invite all interested eighth grade and prospective transfer students to participate in our Shadow Program.  Beginning in October of each academic year, SHA provides opportunities for girls to spend a day “shadowing” a current student.  The prospective student will spend the day accompanying her SHA ambassador through the daily schedule, attending classes, eating lunch, participating in leadership or service activities, and taking part in any other Academy activities scheduled for that day.  Shadowers have the opportunity to meet many students and ask them questions about life at SHA.

Prospective students watch our faculty in action, observe their teaching methods, and gain a sense of our challenging curriculum.  You will also meet with our admissions staff and have the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of the admissions process.  We encourage all prospective freshwomen and transfer students to take advantage of this invaluable opportunity.

To arrange a shadow visit, please call the Admissions Office at 834-2101, ext. 311.