Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart


Why An All-Girls School?

An all-girls school provides an ideal learning environment for young women in which they can excel academically while gaining confidence and developing leadership abilities.  Numerous studies have shown significant advantages of an all-girls education:

  • Girls have different learning styles than their male counterparts.  An all-girls school caters to those specific styles to enhance academic achievement.
  • Studies have demonstrated that students who attend single sex schools consistently perform better on standardized tests, regardless of socio-economic status.  They also develop superior reading, writing and science skills.
  • A significantly higher percentage of students from all-girls schools pursue math, science and technology careers than girls who attend co-educational schools. 
  • Girls are in the spotlight and all attention is focused on them.  They do not have to compete with male students for time or financial resources.
  • Girls who attend a single sex school have greater comfort levels and develop higher self-esteem.  They are not afraid to express their opinions or defend their positions.
  • Girls develop stronger leadership skills and a stronger sense of controlling their own outcomes.
  • Positive female role models surround them because every valedictorian, top school athlete, class president and extracurricular leader is a girl.
  • Girls who attend single sex schools generally have more positive attitudes about school with fewer absences.


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