Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart



Sacred Heart Academy is pleased to be launching its iPad Initiative.  Each student is issued an iPad which will be used to enhance classroom instruction and student-centered learning.  Additionally, Sacred Heart Academy's technology curriculum is designed to build the skills necessary to succeed in college and professional life. Students develop a thorough understanding of and ability to work with computer applications, including the Microsoft Office suite and other software packages.  They learn database development, management and research, and advanced spreadsheet design and data calculation.  SHA students develop strong computer-based research skills using the Internet and reference software, as well as the skills necessary for enhanced computer-based presentations and papers.  Additional course offerings include digital media design, desktop publishing, and computer programming.

SHA is on the forefront of integrating technology into its daily instruction.  Each classroom is equipped with wireless Internet access, SmartBoard technology, Apple TV, and Airserve to allow full integration of the student iPads in classroom learning.  Students have access to two computer labs during school hours, and laptops are available for student use within our state-of-the-art Library Media Center (LMC).  The LMC also houses technology that allows SHA to offer distance learning courses and video conferencing to further enhance students’ educational experience.

Nine brand new state-of-the-art classrooms opened in September 2012 housing English and LOTE (Language Other Than English) departments with a portable language lab. Technology features include PUCK, an interactive computer system which fosters collaboration amongst students and increases innovation by sharing digital information in small groups. Sacred Heart is the first high school in WNY to house this exciting technology.