Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart

Faculty and Staff

Sacred Heart Academy’s faculty and staff are a group of dedicated women and men who work to ensure the success of our students both inside and outside the classroom.  They are readily available to students and their families and may be contacted with any questions or concerns.

Name Position 834-2101 Ext. Room Teacher Homepage
Achramovitch, MaryAchramovitch, Mary Physical Education 321   link
Ayers, MarkAyers, Mark Social Studies 368 206  
Bassett, KathleenBassett, Kathleen Music 398    
Bauer, DaveBauer, Dave Mindfulness 360    
Rooney, Barbara J.Rooney, Barbara J. Athletic Director, Coordinator of Discipline 319    
Biniszkiewicz, LynBiniszkiewicz, Lyn Library Media Specialist 365 LMC link
Blood, BarbaraBlood, Barbara Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Social Studies 385    
Bonn, LisaBonn, Lisa Art 354 400/Art Rm
Brady, NancyBrady, Nancy English 349 306 link
Dwiggins, ClaireDwiggins, Claire Nurse 307 Nurse  
Childs, JosephChilds, Joseph Music 375   link
Clare, MariaClare, Maria Religion, Campus Minister 335 205 link
Clement, Allison PaullClement, Allison Paull Psychology 361  
Cochrane, Mary GaneyCochrane, Mary Ganey Admissions, Director of Admissions 311  
Comaratta, Anne MarieComaratta, Anne Marie Religion 369  
Corigliano, NickCorigliano, Nick Social Studies 340 204
Coughlin, JaneCoughlin, Jane Library Assistant 355 Circ Desk
Covey, AndreaCovey, Andrea Science 351 304
Cutrona, GinaCutrona, Gina Art 376 401 link
Dandrea, MeghanDandrea, Meghan Religion 396 209  
Daniels, Susan ReiserDaniels, Susan Reiser Advancement, Alumnae Associate 352  
Demert, JenniferDemert, Jennifer Head of School 303  
Doyle, HollyDoyle, Holly Admissions, Assistant 310  
Donner, RuthDonner, Ruth Admissions & Campus Ministry Assistant, Senior Leadership Facilitator 310  
Duffy, JackDuffy, Jack English 374  
Egan, JenniferEgan, Jennifer Mathematics 392 101 link
Eisenberger, Paula Eisenberger, Paula Science 378 305  
Epstein, SueEpstein, Sue Exercise Physiology 371   link
Fiegl, KevinFiegl, Kevin Maintenance    
Geraci, JessicaGeraci, Jessica Mathematics 344 105
Guzdek, KellyGuzdek, Kelly Main Office, Receptionist 301    
Clarke, KristinClarke, Kristin

Guidance, Counselor for Sophomores - Last Name: K-Z

Jrs - Last Name: L-Z

Srs - Last Name: Mas-Z

Walton, S. MaraWalton, S. Mara Advancement, Alumnae Coordinator 317  
Geschwender, KristinaGeschwender, Kristina Physical Education 327  
Heffern,KathyHeffern,Kathy Religion - LT Sub 411  
Hewett, Tina Maintenance    
Hoak, KellyHoak, Kelly Mathematics 403 103
Holler, AliciaHoller, Alicia Mathematics 325 102
Hooper, PatriciaHooper, Patricia Mathematics 323 100 link
Horohoe, MarthaHorohoe, Martha Foreign Language 331 402 link
Hurley, LoriHurley, Lori Advancement, Advancement Associate - Database 316    
Ibrahim, Jain Maintenance      
Jans, MichaelJans, Michael Technology 363 106 link
Kiefer, LoriKiefer, Lori Foreign Language 348 403  
Kelly, S. Ann Therese Kelly, S. Ann Therese Art 406 Collaboratory  
Kittleson, KatieKittleson, Katie Mathematics 324 104  
Kovatchki, YordanKovatchki, Yordan Maintenance, Building & Grounds Coordinator 306  
Krull, BryanKrull, Bryan Social Studies 357 203 link
Liberti, PeterLiberti, Peter English, SRB Coordinator 341 308 link
Limina, LindaLimina, Linda Finance, Director of Finance 304    
Lyons, SheilaLyons, Sheila Religion 394 208 link
Madill, TerryMadill, Terry Music Director 367    
Maloney, EileenMaloney, Eileen English 353 309 link
Maloney, Kara   422    
Marlowe, S. ConnieMarlowe, S. Connie Administrative Services, Coordinator 305    
Marciniak, MaryMarciniak, Mary English 377   link
McGuinness, Bridget McGuinness, Bridget Campus Minister 312    
McKinnon, KennethMcKinnon, Kenneth Social Studies 339 201 link
Michienzi, LorettaMichienzi, Loretta Main Office, Administrative Secretary 302  
Moran, Amanda Moran, Amanda Physical Education 322  
Mugel, TamaraMugel, Tamara Physics 387 200 link
Newman, RosaNewman, Rosa Foreign Language 386 406 link
Naber, ThomasNaber, Thomas Mathematics 379    
Papke, Maggie Maintenance      
Piscitello, JeanettePiscitello, Jeanette Guidance, Counselor for Freshwomen 315  
Polino, NicolePolino, Nicole English 395  
Poole, ChristopherPoole, Christopher Technology Coordinator 366  
Poole, Kim      
Posenjak, KatelynPosenjak, Katelyn English 350 210
Root, MargaretRoot, Margaret Mindfulness 381  
Rucinski, JoleneRucinski, Jolene Administrative Assistant to Head of School 358    
Schmidt, S. Dolores Finance 359  
Reed, TracyReed, Tracy Advancement, Director of Advancement 318  
Reyes, MiriahReyes, Miriah Music 410  
Shaver, S. KarenShaver, S. Karen   364    
Shreve, MikeShreve, Mike Technology Assistant 382    
Sikora, JenniferSikora, Jennifer Finance 359  
Smith, Kristen Music    
Snyder, MarciaSnyder, Marcia Website Coordinator 389   link
Spadinger, SusanSpadinger, Susan Religion 342 207 link
Spasiano, AnneSpasiano, Anne Foreign Language, Stu Co Moderator 326 405 link
Stepien, RonaldStepien, Ronald Science 347 302 link
Stepnik, RileyStepnik, Riley Music 393   link
Szalach, KarenSzalach, Karen English 390 307 link
Lanfear, AshleyLanfear, Ashley

Guidance, Counselor for Sophomores - Last Name: A-J

Jrs - Last Name: A-K

Srs - Last Name: A-Mar

Taylor, AlisonTaylor, Alison Social Studies 362 202 link
Tierney, RachelTierney, Rachel Science 391 301 link
Uba, CarrieUba, Carrie Advancement, Events 383    
Utz, Lisa Utz, Lisa Science 401    
Vincent, KimVincent, Kim Dance 380  
Virginia, ThomasVirginia, Thomas Foreign Language 343  
Wang, NicoleWang, Nicole Foreign Language 388  
Whitney, MelanieWhitney, Melanie Science 337 303 link
Wietig, MargaretWietig, Margaret Director of Academic Analytics, Technology-Career Internship 308   link
Wright, MichaelWright, Michael Foreign Language 384 404 link