Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart



Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1877 by the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity. Rejecting the common practice of limiting a girl’s schooling to domestic skills, the Sisters sought to educate young women in the humanities, arts and sciences, while providing religious instruction and developing strong moral character in their students. From the beginning, the Sisters set a standard of excellence, continually making groundbreaking innovations to meet the educational needs of their students.

The Sisters began teaching high school classes to 15 students in their convent on Washington Street in downtown Buffalo. The State Education Department of New York officially recognized the high school for young women in 1889, and issued a permanent charter of education in 1895. In 1898, Sacred Heart Academy opened a new school building on Washington Street, but within 30 years it had outgrown these quarters. The Sisters of St. Francis purchased five acres of land in Eggertsville, New York and began construction of a new campus. On May 11, 1930, 230 students and 14 faculty members moved into the new Sacred Heart Academy. Today, approximately 400 students attend the Academy and are served by more than 75 full and part-time faculty and staff members.

Throughout its history and amid profound societal changes, Sacred Heart Academy has remained faithful to its foundress’ values, providing a sound and challenging education with superior moral foundations for generations of young women in Western New York. Many milestones, events and special celebrations bear witness to Sacred Heart Academy’s history of excellence.