Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Sacred Heart Academy education special?

At SHA, we provide a holistic education that focuses on spirit, mind, and body.  Supported by a framework of Franciscan values, SHA values and promotes service learning through our Footprints program, Day of SHAring, and leadership studies curriculum.  We provide a challenging, balanced, and diverse academic curriculum in a college preparatory environment.  Each girl is issued an iPad to enhance classroom and independent learning.  From flipped and paperless classrooms to lecture and seminar style classes, SHA teachers use all the tools available to cultivate a love of learning and mastery of content.  SHA's state of the art facilities in our beautiful historically significant building make it a pleasure to come to school every day, and classrooms filled with girls limit the typical distractions and allow our students to focus on their education.  Athletic and physical education offerings help students commit to a healthy lifestyle, and SHA’s many extracurricular clubs and activities further develop our students’ talents and interests.  All of this leads girls to feel at home and welcome at SHA where we prepare young women to recognize and achieve their potential and become leaders in every aspect of their lives.


What percentage of SHA faculty and staff has worked in Catholic education for more than five years?

More than 80% of our faculty and staff has been at SHA for more than five years.  We are fortunate to be able to attract and retain gifted faculty and staff dedicated to our young women.

How many students in SHA’s graduating class go on to higher education?

100% of SHA graduates go on to higher education. 

Can I attend SHA if I am not Catholic?

Yes, SHA welcomes students from diverse faith backgrounds.  Students are required to take religious studies courses, which focus on the Old and New Testaments, world religions, social justice, and women and spirituality. 

What levels of academic courses does SHA offer?

All courses at SHA are college preparatory and designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for college and career success.  SHA offers Regents, Honors (17), and Advanced Placement and College(15) courses and works to ensure that each student is placed at a level that will challenge her academic ability.  We also offer a variety of quality electives for our students.

What type of activities does SHA offer in addition to its academic curriculum?

SHA provides athletic and extracurricular activities.  SHA has 17 team and club level sports to encourage student involvement and physical well-being.  There also is a diverse array of extracurricular clubs and activities spanning from sign language to SHA Capellas to Amnesty International to Cooking for a Cause.  Whatever interest you have, chances are SHA has a club for that.  If not, don't worry -- each year students propose new clubs that interest them.  All it takes is an idea and a willing moderator and a new club is born!

What social opportunities are available at SHA?

The young women who attend SHA have active social lives.  Athletic and extracurricular clubs and activities provide opportunities to socialize with peers.  SHA-sponsored events also provide many occasions throughout the year for students to interact with young men and women from other schools in Western New York.  These include conferences, competitions, theatrical productions, dances, and clubs. 

What is the school day schedule like at SHA?

School begins at 8:00 am with dismissal at 2:50 pm.  SHA maintains several different schedules to accommodate the type of activities planned for the school day.  Review SHA's Bell Schedules for more specific information.

Is bus transportation to SHA available?

Students who live within a 15 mile radius of the school receive transportation to SHA through the public school district in which they reside.